About Natalie Grams


Natalie Grams is a medical doctor, author and former homeopath from Heidelberg, Germany.

In her book "Homeopathy reconsidered" she describes her way out of homoeopathy, but also takes a stand for more empathic care in normal medicine. Her new book "Was wirklich wirkt - Kompass durch die sanfte Medizin" (What really works - Compass through the World of Gentle Medicine) is not yet available in English. 
As communication manageress of the GWUP (German Skeptics Society) and head of the "Information Network Homeopathy" she dedicates herself with passion and commitment for the goal that patients are increasingly correctly informed about homeopathy and other pseudomedical treatments

Enlightenment around false beliefs and dishonest medicine became her profession. She works as an employee for German consumer protection organizations - the GWUP and the German Consumers Federation (Deutscher Konsumentenbund).
Honorary she engages herself as Vice-President of the Humanistischer Pressedienst (Germany´s biggest humanistic web-portal), as member of the advisory board of the Giordano Bruno Foundation and uses the extent of her fame in various ways for bringing up critical thinking.
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